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Pour éviter la galère, vu sur un fofo us (ça peut aider) :

Step 1: Get quest from khadgar that starts scenario
Step 2: Complete Scenario
Step 3: Complete 1st quest on broken shore that tells your to read the book over on the east side of Broken Shore.
Step 4: Turn in that quest and turn in the next quest @ your class hall.
Step 5: USE THE PINK BOOK to advance AK to lvl 26
Step 6: Start research notes on 27 and 28 (optional but recommended)
Step 7: Make sure your artifact weapon is lvl 35 or higher
Step 8: Relog
Step 9: Khadgar should have a quest for you on back on the broken shore, it should show up on your map.
Step 10: Get quest and kill random monsters, the note should drop within 5 mobs or less.
Step 11: Turn in quests and begin never ending AP grind.

Do not spend time killing monsters until you get the quest from khadgar otherwise it will never drop.
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