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Interview faites par mmo champion directement aux devs, ca pourrait en intéresser plus d'un dans la guilde :


Demon Hunters
Demon Hunters will start somewhere around level 95 to 100.
Glavies are a new type of weapon that Demon Hunters use. They are a pair that comes together and fills both slots. In the future, Demon Hunters might dual wield the standard agility weapons. (Currently the class page has different information)
The Demon Hunter Artifact glaives can be see in some of the character creation screenshots for Demon Hunters.
The team talked about having the Demon Hunter wear mail, but it didn't fit the class identity.
Demon Hunters are agile, so they will be wearing leather. This isn't a huge problem now that Personal Loot is used in most places.
The Demon Hunter is going to be a very agile class, so tanks may have lots of Dodge and Parry mechanics for their tanking style.
For now, Demon Hunters are the only ones who get tattoos.
Demon Hunter has been considered since Wrath of the Lich King. It finally fit the expansion's story and theme, which is why it can be added now.
In order to fight demons, Illidan had to partner with demons. He had to sacrifice many things for great power and so do the Illidari, which is why Demon Hunters look somewhat like Illidan.

No stat squish is planned for this expansion.
The team hasn't decided if there will be another talent row or not, as the Artifact weapon will have a decent number of choices for you to make.
Survival Hunters will be a melee class with pet going forward.
Beast Mastery Hunters will fight at range with a pet.
Marksmanship Hunters will fight at range with no pet.
Survival and Marksmanship have been too similar in the past, which is why they are being changed in Legion.
Demonology Warlocks will also be getting some bigger changes, focusing more on their demons.
Demonology Warlocks will be refocused on summoning and controlling demons rather than having Metamorphosis dominate. Other specs will still have access to demons.
Discipline Priests
Disc Priests are going to be a much more offensive healer after another pass on Atonement which will make it more interactive.
They will still have heals and PW:S, but they will sustain their healing through doing DPS.
Closer to 50% damage and 50% healing spec.
In the past, when Atonement was popular you would just spam Smite and Holy Fire all fight long and use the smart healing, which wasn't very interactive. This time, you may throw out some single target heals giving players a buff. Next time you Smite, people who have that buff will get your healing, and you will have to refresh the buff periodically.
These changes should fix the absorb heavy nature of Discipline Priests.
Holy Priests will still be all about healing.
The team has learned some lessons from how Fistweaving works now and will talk about what they are doing to solve the problems with it in the future.

The team isn't sure how exactly they will incentivize players to keep going back to dungeons yet. Once you started to raid in Draenor, you had no reason to go back to a dungeon, which is not good. Mists of Pandaria was a better model, where you had a reward for doing a dungeon every day.
Normal and Heroic dungeons will exist in Legion, but the team isn't sure if they will do Mythic at the start. They haven't decided when they will add Mythic, but they do like it.
The team likes challenge modes and wants to try and make them more accessible. They aren't guaranteed to be added to Legion.

Artifacts and Items
You will not loot weapons in Legion.
The item bonus system (Warforged, sockets, and extra stats) worked out well, so it could be extended to have even more bonuses.
The team has a few ideas for how artifacts will work:
Your Artifact will start at epic and then there will be some way for it to become legendary over time.
Your Artifact will start as legendary.
Your artifact may not have a quality, it could just be its own thing.
The goal is for players to have an item that they are working on powering up and it can become a legendary, rewarding players who do all of the expansion's content, similar to Mists of Pandaria and Warlords.
There will be no catch up mechanics for Artifact weapons on alts.
The team doesn't want it to be too painful if you want to change specs, so there might be some kind of catch up mechanic for getting the Artifact weapon for another spec.
How we actually get the Artifact weapons from the characters currently wielding them will be revealed in the future.
Eventually you will be able to unlock every trait in the Artifact weapon tree. You may be able to take different paths to unlocking them all though.
You will be leveling the Artifact weapon throughout the entire expansion.
The Artifact weapons have Relic slots, which will determine its raw item stats (DPS, ilvl, etc.) and modifiers to the traits you've chosen, so the Artifact's stats will still improve as you defeat bosses.
Relics are things you can socket into the artifact and are rewarded from completing major quest lines, dungeons, and raids. This way you still get weapon upgrades from the same sources, but keep the same weapon.
Artifact weapons can be transmoged into other weapons, but not the other way around.
There are weapons cooler than Benediction and Anathema for Priest Artifact weapons.
Earning the Artifact has a class and spec specific quest, but it isn't anywhere near the green fire quest in terms of scale and difficulty.

Raids today are harder than they have ever been.
Raids worked out well for the most part in Warlords, but the team has talked about how to make loot better and how to improve personal loot for Legion.
Having some encounters that favor melee and some that favor ranged is not a problem, as long as there isn't a huge gap between the two.
On rumors that Sylvanas might be a raid boss: "That's interesting".

Order Halls
Order Halls won't have an auction house or bank.
You will spend less time in your Order Hall than you did in your Garrison. You go back to do quests, work on your artifact, and interact with your champions. You will likely spend a lot of your downtime in Dalaran.
The Dalaran Sewers were mentioned as being associated with rogues when providing context for an Order Hall question.
The Order Halls may have different sections. For example, in the Paladin's Order Hall, the Blood Elf Paladins may be in a different section from The Sunwalkers, as well as the Humans and Dwarves.
The fantasy in Draenor was collecting followers to raise an army. In Legion, you are the leader of your class order and you have a smaller number of elite heroes by your side. They should complement and enhance your gameplay rather than compete with you.

The Conquest system is going away.
The goals is to remove PvP gear. There will be PvP ways to obtain gear, but the power in PvP will be about the gear you obtain and the PvP talents that you unlock.

The location of the Broken Isles will be revealed in the future.
The team isn't sure how they will handle Dalaran yet. They could do sanctuary areas again or split it up.
Only the raid takes place in the Emerald Nightmare, but it could be expanded on in the future.
Karazhan is an important place.

The team is happy with how flying worked out in Draenor. You will have to level up and explore the land before you are able to fly, similar to what is coming in Patch 6.2.1.

The team still wants to release expansions faster.
Legion will release next year, but no specific date has been set yet.
There isn't a solid patch schedule plan for Legion yet.
The expansion after Legion is already being planned.
The cinematic isn't complete just yet.
The transmog overhaul should make it easier to use. You should be able to browse through what you have unlocked and what you could unlock for each slot, more like a dressing room than the current system.
As far as the listed social improvements go, the team has ideas on how to bring different servers together, different ways to connect to your friends, and on how to match-make friends better. Keep in mind that these are just ideas at this point.
The team strongly believes that WoW is best played with friends. It is the most fun when you can make connections with other players in game or bring in friends from outside the game and play together.

The professions team for Legion is the largest that Blizzard has ever had for WoW and lots of new things are coming. The team heard the feedback about Warlords professions.
There are a lot of surprises in store for players in Legion and the team doesn't want players to think we are just going back to the same stuff.
Patch 6.1 was not named correctly and they could have done better.
Garrisons are staying in Draenor, so you can go back and visit them if you want.
The subscriber count is more volatile than it used to be because players have gotten older and don't have as much free time anymore. As long as players are happy and enjoy the game, the team doesn't mind extreme peaks and valleys. They just want to ensure you have a great experience and feel like you got your money's worth.
The team doesn't focus on or make decisions based on what their subscriber count is. They focus on making the best game they can, learn some lessons, and keep moving forward.
Focusing an expansion on new places and characters, such as Mists of Pandaria is not a mistake. It was a nice break from having one big bad guy, with a focus on exploration and adventure.

source : ... Legion-Art

video :
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la même en francais ... tc-143249/

LE palaheal ? bin c'est MOI !!!

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Une fois qu'on vient de tout se taper en anglais ! oO MDR.

Go edit le post en commençant par le français. :D
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Y a un truc qui me dérange le lore de la nouvelle classe, illidan était pas devenu ce qu'il est devenu à cause du crane de Guldan? C'est quoi l'excuse du clonage de crane? ^^
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Ça reste l'Illidan auquel on a botté le cul, de notre "dimension" à nous, dans laquelle Guldan était déjà mort et la corruption d'Illidan une résultante de tout ce qui s'est produit depuis la corruption des orcs, la légion, toussa toussa...

Là, techniquement, je ne sais pas s'il a toujours son crâne (qu'on lui à peut être piqué au temple noir)

Pour ce qui est de l'interview de MMO, elle viens d'Icy Veins, et divers points sont actuellement contestés mais dans les grandes lignes c'est bien ça :) Au vu des confirmation de la vraie interview Gamescon de ce jour (17h) ou on apprends bien peu de choses en plus...Outre les confirmations attendues

Ah oui, 12eme slot, ça y'a bon
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Une petite vidéo ou on apprend absolument rien concernant l'extension, mais qui fait un résumé assez court et assez sympas de l'extension, pour les amateurs de lore :

phpBB [video]

"Là c'est ma faute désolé. J'avais les yeux sur l'écran, mais mon cerveau n'a envoyé aucune action à mes doigts"

( •_•)>⌐■-■
(⌐■_■) Damnnn.. I'm So Coool !
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